…can sometimes feel like years..when you are waiting for something..pain, anguish, anxiety does not take a break but is there to be felt every second. This is one time you wish that the seconds would turn into years so maybe the pain, anguish, anxiety would be gone..and be in the past. The moment/secónd does not give hope only the hope of another year gone by. So Carpe Diem….can in this context mean Hell!

I have just bought 3 posters that shows the far away universe, Photos taken from the hubble telescope. Amazing photos with colours and forms that just cannot be expressed in words. Many thoughts come to mind and reflections…

Beside my 3 posters is my wall-clock ticking away seconds and my contemplation is…does time exist in this part of the universe? does seconds tick away or is this a too small of measurement where we normally talk in terms of millions of light years. What is a second in the universe? Can anything happen in one second? Or is it in the second everything happens and then become milllllllions of seconds!

I kind of get lost in these 3 posters, 50x50cm, that potrays an infinite universe. They are so small and try to capture something so big that it kind of make me want to take them down, because they dont really resembles the reality. It is like peeking into a keyhole of a door and trying to understand everything on the other side by looking through this tiny keyhole. And you think you got the answer. Such a delusion especially if you think that you know it all. Because everything on the other side of this keyhole is in constant change and the next time you look the picture has changed and you dont know why or what or when…You are just filled with more questions and less answers….and it just happens in a second in the milllion, billlion, trillllion years to come.

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