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is my dear friend in Taganga (Santa Marta, Colombia).

He is a street musician from Peru that has lived his day by day life in Taganga for many years. Every time I come to Colombia I go to meet him and invite him for lunch or whatever. He has lived literally on the street/beach for many years.

One time a few years ago (2019) I decided to document his life and made a video of him in 2 parts. The first part he talked about his life and sang a few songs. The 2nd part I asked him to talk about his philosophy in life and also this with some songs. See below the links published on youtube.

Part 2….Philosophy

This is the kind of man that are famous in my life and never rises to stardom…but is likewise a bright shining star…who needs fame and riches when you have a kind, humble, emphatic personality….I love this man and admire him….I wish him everything…and I am proud to have known him in my life.