The laugh.

… is the most searched for common denominator… In a collection of people… The most sought after when you meet… Is the laugh… It releases so much tension and unites us in a way that few other things do… Because it is pure positive energy 😉 💋

The hard thing is if you try to lighten up the mood with a crack/joke and their is absolutely no response. The air get so thick you can cut it with a knife. I call it the anti-joke response and it is devastating. The worst thing is that the joker tries to force it by explaining or excusing him/herself. The result can be worse and the joker is digging himself deeper into the hole.

Then you can also be in the company where there is a strong leader, a dominating person…so when somebody is cracking a joke they look to the leader if he laughs or make a recognition of the joke…then everybody else can start laughing.

Imagine yourself in room with Trump and trying to crack a joke (and it can be very funny) but everybody will look to Trump so see if he approves of the joke. Just think how it was when you had Hitler and his moods trying to crack a joke! Could cost you your life..especially if the joke was in anyway sarcastic.

Well now we come into what kind of jokes there are. Sarcastic jokes that can be aimed at one person that maybe does not like to be joked at or about. Everybody laughs but you unless you are a person that can take jokes and are a genourous giving person. I think the best jokes are when you joke about yourself and your own shortcomings and mistakes. Instead of attacking other people with jokes about their mistakes and shortcomings.

Much more to say about jokes but as I have experienced it…a joke can be the ice breaker into a good communication.

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