Believe in someone…

has its advantages or/and disadvantages….why? Because there are at least two different kind of people/characters/personalities….etc to put your beliefe or trust in. This is why/where it is so difficult to draw the line! Because how do you say/how do you know Who is Who? We are allll susceptible? or easily manipultated/deceived by what is called submersive influencers. People that tend to be charisimatic/emphatic/intelligent etc.

We get so easily sucked into this. Why? There are a number of things/reasons which the perpetrator is fully aware off. These people that abuse/prey on these weaknesses are totally pshychotic and have no guilt, no emphaty, no humn values etc but only one goal to gain! And gain is only materialistic gain for themselves.

The people in this business are ruthless…inhuman…nonethical…! Totally alianted from values that you and I are used to. It is just so so so so incomprehensible! Because they have created an alternative world with other ethics, morals, emphaty….where their truths are in complete opposite of the so called normal world.

So if you do right in their world it is wrong by our standards, but in their world by their standards it is perfectly right….

How do you approach this thinking? Where do you begin??


has so many levels…somatic, psychological or even just plain everyday life! To start with the last, we dont always have to symptomise, analyse, diagnonise every pain that comes our way. We all have some level of pain but it does not necessarily have to be so complicated.

My problem is that I have a tendency to complicate, analyse too much. Even the slightest word of ”I dont feel so good” can turn me into a freudian analyst!! My me! I hope that I have learned something about myself. I jump on people and start to jump into deep waters when it is enough to dipp your feet.

Anyway my subject of recognising pain is easy for me…especially psychosomatic pain. Sometimes I am surprised how easy it is. Even after a few minutes of conversation I am hooked. I ask a few questions, listen to some answers…..ask a few more..(that is my problem…asking alllll the time). And people reveal themselfes like an open book. Most people I meet are so eager/hungry to talk…and ventilate…tell who they are, what they think…etc…

And this is where PAIN comes in…because almost if not every person I meet carries some pain…that they have a need to talk about. Something that burdens their heart/spirit. So from the perspective that I think/comtemplate pain is very subjective. It is everything in the perspective from the the person who is feeling/experiencing it. I can never say/imagine or even think to understand the other persons pain. I can feel it but that does not mean I can fully understand it.

The last point…Hmmm. My problem or sensitivity or feeling or compassion or emphaty recognition is somewhat above what is expected/normal. I make myself believe this especially after 25yeare so to say working proffesionally in social work…and before that in voluntary work (so-to-say) where humans were priority. I have learned something….I think…

Anyway this is what kind of ”plagues” me to have this sensitivity to pain and feeling other peoples pain….making it my pain…my problem etc. Sometimes it is difficult but I would not want to live without it! because what is the alternative? a cold, calcultating, psycho…..

…to be continued another day, month or year.