Dictators throughout history!

I am sorry to publicize this before it is finished,,,but I am doing a more thourogh research primarly about the slogan of dictators…because what I have found is that dictators nearly always came to power and consoloditated their power by simple slogans!

How do you recognise a potential dictator? We can start with the most recent one, Donald Trump! He was born to be a dictator and he should never have been given this opportunity becoming the president of the most powerful country in the world and by being this becoming the most dangerous man in the world today. So how do you recognise? Populistic ”make America great again”, calling on nationalistic feelings/sentiments. Who has said this before? Hitler said ”Deutschland uber alles!”,


education/life is paying attention to the details….

a thought that I had about education is that it is all about how to see the details…the things that are not obvious…outside of the expected…

why do you go through law school for 6 years..? for the obvious? no to learn what is not so obvious….the courtcases that did not confirm…when the law made an exception….

a building ingenieour has not only to construct the building but figure out the electricity…the pipes etc….but you want the electric socket at the left of the door instead of the right….so now he has to build the whole building because you have decided that you want the socket to the right…because the wiring starts before you build…

so if you are a shipbuilder you have to imagine/build the ship before it is built…because once you have started…it is too late

So my point is that why education is sooooo long and soooo complicated….if you dont learn to pay attention to the details your whole education is a waste

So my last point is….If you dont pay attention to the details in life….you have not lived….you have just passed through…