Chaos or Structure?

I am a person that always have had a difficulty with structure in my life. This is generally speaking and then I must define my view of structure contra chaos! And why I say ”generally”! Without emphasizing too much or exaggerate, it is a word that is often used out of context or misused without people really knowing the meaning or definition. So on the whole is there an explantion or a definition for the word?

For my situation and why I have a difficulty with structure in my life is based on most of all my working schedule which for me is fantastic but sometimes create a chaos in my mind and life because I dont know what day of the week it is! I work on a 6 week schedule which includes working weekends, holidays, 24 hours shifts, starting at 2pm and quit at 8.30pm and then start at 8am the next morning. It also includes being free weekdays and sometimes being free 5 days on this 6 week schedule. So my work hours are very unstructured and very contrary to the normal monday to friday, 8am to 5pm schedules. The only structure is that my schedule repeats itself every 6 weeks! But I tend to forget and cant see the structure but have to look at each day as it comes!

So this is a description to my unstructured world at work but as a privat person it is just about the same. When I am ”free”, which sometimes are many hours and many day,  I need to do those other things, shopping, cleaning, laundry, cooking, dishes etc. I delibertly put them in this order because the first 3 I do when needed and no schedule. Cooking is because I like to cook but also need to eat. I hate dishes and try to do them as soon as they are dirty. So my chaos is ruled by when it is needed to do it and not after an absolute schedule that most other people like to do it. Friday-cleaning, monday-laundry etc. It is not that I like my home to look like a pigsty or smell like one but it does not also look like perfect hotelroom.

And to add to my unstructured person…I sit here at 2am in the morning and write this to underline how my world is. So welcome to my mini chaos world with  control of the situation.