History/intellect/wisdom/philosophy/ politics/religion and life

I just love the intrecate words of all of these mentioned above! You cannot exlude one because alllll of these and more are so important to define where we are today and what define humanity. We think/believe/imagine that we are so enlightened/allllll knowing/superior…..but in the great context of history we are just pawns in what we cant change but we can just observe/particapate and just some are choosen/elected to change the course of history. We are most of all spectators as a human race….and we have opinons/point of views but we never really matter! The only people that matter are the people that dont marginalise life….think it cant be done….and of course this is where they end up! They are the ones that make the difference and make history! Be they heroes or villains but they are not waiting for things to happen! They make it happen!!!