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A description of my life in relation to Colombia!

My story…

..i am so pleased to have been able to focus and concentrate on my story and maybe have found the self discipline to keep up the momentum!!!

Just remember that this is far from being finished and it is a living document. This means that I frequently correct misspellings, grammar and also add to my story where I find it important to fill in gaps. As I read through what I have written things come to my mind, remember events that I think are vital to my story/history so I add this as well. In short it is a story that changes by adding not altering!


My reason for starting this blogg is to in this way share my experiences and my love for Colombia and the latin continent,  South-America! It will involve all aspects of life….love….passion…history…..economy….politics….geograhy…culture…music…and much more….

It is not a short story but a long story that will never end……

Colombia is more than just a country, just like life has many level!

even a parrot needs a fork!
even a parrot needs a fork on occasion!