i think i have figured out what rascism is! It is a disease, a defect in the mind, a psychic/mental disorder that can be cured if patiently handled. Of course there are some that are so affected/infected by it, so I call it that they have a mental block disorder and this kind is almost impossible to cure and is the most dangerous kind as well. This kind easily resorts to violence as a way of communicating their ideas and message, They have a total lack of vocabulary and have no intelligence to keep up a logical conversation/communication. So they resort to violence as a way of expressing themselfes.

Why use the word  ”disease”, such a strong word? Well we all have the right to life regardless of nationality, colour, religion, creed, background, economic status etc. We all have the right for respect and to be respected as a basic fundamental right. I agree that some people, organisations dont really live up to this and then make themselfes excluded of such respect in return.

What I am aiming for is that today we have such a low quality debate/communication/conversation that to me is so dangerous and as dangerous as the enviromental disaster we are heading for.