My funeral…

..even though I am a confessing christian does not mean that I am not open to other religions and their traditions.

my dear Little baby squirrel.

Having just ”buried” my little squirrel that lived (and died) on my balcony, I wanted to give him/her a proper burial. A little ceremony to honor this little creature that spent very few days in this life. It is/was a therapy for me as well because I had really come to like this baby squirrel. The first choice (according to our culture, religion etc) is to dig a whole and put the remains there. But another idea came up and I liked it better. Mainly because I did not have a spade/shovel to dig a hole with. Why not do like the buddhist and burn it on the water. I already had a box/coffin, which fit this little fellow perfectly. It was a box made of balsa wood that normally have a wine bottle inside.

So of I went with the box, some rags, fuel and candles. It was a beautiful spring day (may), sun shining and really good temperature. I went to a lake close by and found a spot where I was alone. I did some ceremony and put the candles on the box…filled the box with rags and lots of fuel. First I lit the candles and then I put fire to the box/rags. It lit up quite a bit and I pushed it out on the lake. It went out a few meters and stopped there. The flames were quite high and burned very good. It gave me a good feeling that I gave this little creature a funeral that was a ceremony to remember.

This is what I call a Buddhist funeral and I kind of liked the idea and thought to myself and my own funeral maybe this is a good idea. Why not? Even if it is a Buddhist/Hindi ritual why can it not be ok for me being a Christian? Does this take away my belief in Christ? I dont think so. So I imagined myself being pushed out on the water on a burning float, slowly being cremated and buried in the water.

I have one suggestion to make sure that I will be cremated, fill me up with whisky and rum to be sure that I really will burn up!! Kind of funny and a little humourous but so what! Or like they say when you put fire in the restaurant. FLAMBEÉD!

Anyway this idea came to me because I did not have a shovel to bury my little squirrel friend and I had a good wooden box and I could go to a lake nearby to perform the ceremony. By the way it is very ecological because the fuel burn up..the rags burn up and the box burn up…..and of course my little friend.