.. many or most people when they come of age ask themselfes many questions like WHY DID I LIVE? (a very sad contemplation 😪), WHAT WAS IT THAT I COULD HAVE DONE AND DIDNT? (many people procrastinate.. and it is too late 😧), and last but not least is one question that I am often asked IF YOU COULD LIVE YOUR LIFE AGAIN WITH WHAT YOU KNOW NOW… IS THERE ANYTHING YOU WOULD CHANGE? 🤔

I have put this question to myself (the other 2questions are simple to answer.. I have fulfilled both 😄). The question if there is anything that I would change requires some thought because either way you answer this question it needs a motivation.

If I dont regret! Why, how come, you mean your life was perfect…!!! And if I say that I regret than they say AHA that is what I thought all the time!

Of course it depends upon who is asking the question. If it is a person that know you from a long time or if it a person you just meet! And a lot of other variables that are too many to be mentioned here. Man-Woman, old-young, background etc.

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