Emotional dyslexia…..

…how do you explain this? This is an expression I came up with that maybe I have in some way. How do I explain? Well people always say go with your ”gut feeling” which in some cases can be wrong and sometimes right. But if you solely/only go by your feelings and no reason you will end up wrong many times. Feelings are the ignition the spark that makes us move and make descions. Reason is how to implement and what actions there are to do. But sometimes we act only on feelings and YES it can go right and we should sometimes act on our feelings and leave reason out. Love and falling in love is such a feeling where reason has to stand back.

Then there is EQ verses IQ and what is the most important! I personally believe EQ is more important because in our EQ you find such important feelings like emphaty,  happiness, sadness, sorrow and more! These feelings are so important in our interaction with each other and without them we pretty much just a shell or a robot with a lot of knowledge/information IQ!