modern world..

…it is so amazing to think and expect that the human race has evovled and come to a higher level of understanding…wisdom! have learned from history…the mistakes…the pitfalls….history…

Yet today we are on the same way of destruction…most of all people with no insight, understanding or wisdom to see the big picture (by the way I am in no way THE big understanding of the BIG picture!) I just know it is out there somewhere, at least I hope!

Anyway my aspiration is to constantly reach out for the bigger picture…bigger than me…there is an understanding/wisdom beyond mine! I have found this in the small things of every day life as well when I am dealing and struggling with my own battles of so called wisdom/knowledge. As long as I realise/understand this, my journey is never ended…because there are no frontiers or borders when it comes to comprehend or understand something or anything.

What is important is that your approach is objective/neutral….I am just an object in the bigger picture….together with other ”objects” trying to evaluate a problem or ….

anyway in my above defense….I have never seen more stupid..ignorant..uneducated…people as of today….It is just stupidifating! In my world…I just cant understand how the mass of population act/react to some of todays issues!!!