Mattinata, B&B Torre Sacena!

An amazing visit to this mini castle right on the adriatic sea just outside. A wonderful host! A little hard to find but the gps did the trick! Enjoy the pix.

A castle in miniature!
Impressive stairs and a beautiful entrance door.
A room and bed fit for a king.
Breakfast view.
The amazing rock beach with 3 different levels of rocks. Small closest to the sea and the next level slightly larger and thirdly the bigger ones.




Matera, Italy. October 2018.

My discovery of Matera started with a little walk…so I thought. After 4 hours I was far from being finished. There is still so much to discover in this city built both on the rocks and also inside, with innumerable cave dwellings.

Matera is built around a valley where the original dwellings were caves, carved out as dwellings.
Another italian city built on naked rock/hills.


A big rock in the middle of it all!
This is how the original Matera inhabitants were living.
Maybe this is how they started dwelling and making caves to live in.
inside the old city!
A small square.
The beautiful suroundings.
the bridge is quite ways down.


They alll thought that they were good and did good…but

Napoleon, Alexander the great, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin,  Franco and many more that history has accredited them to be the more evil in the scale of evil!

Then you have the lesser evil persons! Among them we have a lot of learned men scientist, philosophers, priests and even some common men that might have meant to do good but other men have used it for a bad purpose.

Good is an inflated word that has more colours than we ever can imagine. Lets just take the colour of Grey. To me it is one of the most complicated colours there are. Why? Because the colour of grey is the colour that actually to me is not a colour! Why again! Grey is the colour that either is leaning on either how much or less black or white is mixed into it.

This is to me how you approach the truth and define it. Who or what is colouring/proclaiming to say that they have the truth. To me the most truthful people are thoose who say ”this is what I think” ”this is what I know” etc.. and then go on to say ”what do you think?” ”Do you have another point of view”. By doing this you come to a consensus, a mutual understanding and this is a bit closer to the truth.

Having conversations, arguments, dialoges etc is an essential part and path to find or know the truth.

And in a way these people that I mentioned in the beginning were not particulary known for being open to this above mentioned.

Sad to say today the world is getting filled up with these kind of leaders, with Trump and Putin leading the way. There is big problems ahead of us!