When your health is at stake….

…suddenly everything else seem so small! Your financial problems, the problems at work, carrepairs, the argument with your loved ones and many more things! It is like all these things are things that are actually manageable wheras when you have a health condition that is out of your control, you suddenly get a whole different focus and ONLY one focus! GET WELL!

So this is my health story/journey that just happened to me. I call it journey because when I look back from the moment it began until I regained control it is definetly like a journey but a very painfull journey!

Friday afternoon or early evening I started having problems to pee! Has happened before so I did not pay so much attention to it, but had another beer and continued life as usual. But it did not go away and the whole night I was up and out of bed, but could only pee very little and I always had the feeling after each toilett visit that there was much left. And after some time I started feeling pain in my urin canal as well which was very irritating!

Saturdaymorning I was quite exhausted after a night of up and down! I was taking some painkillers/antiinflammatory non presciptional pills also all night, but to little help. During saturday it intensified and now it was extremely painful to pee and to get just a centiliter urin out was difficult. So my whole day was nearly a journey back and forth to the toilett. Now I started to have pain in my lower abdomen as well, it was starting to swell up. This meant I could no longer lay down and stretch out my legs normaly. So most of my time I spent walking around.

But as stubborn as I am I was sure it will go away by itself and suddenly it will be gone! And was I wrong, but it took me nearly another 24 hours before I had learned my lesson! 24 hours is a very very long time, especially when it is counted in seconds!  That is how it feels when you are going through it, you count every second hoping it will go away, but it did not go away by itself. That is the way I am, so stubborn and stupid also before I go to the doctor! I imagine that suddenly it will go away by itself and life will go on as usual, but not this time!

To further prove my stupidity I was going to a friend in the evening to eat and have some beers and wine. Trying to act like everything is ok, but was I out for a surprise! I went and we had a beer, watched some football and he went to get a pizza. Could I concentrate? Not for one second! I had to go to the bathroom constantly, because I have a constant sensation that I neeeeeed to go pee so badly hoping something will come but nothing happens apart from a little tricle sometimes that was very painful at that. So after half the pizza I excused myself and told my friend that I had to go home, because I was as social as a dead zombie just about! But was I in for a nightmare night, but awake!

This is probably one of my most painfull nights, physically, in my life! I have had some mental/psychological moments that I could say are equal, but this was the moment of actual physical pain which of course also take a lot of mental strength as well. I came home and of course went straight to the toilett for the 51:11 time! But nothing happened as usual. I told my girlfriend in Colombia and she said ”Go to doctor!” ok maybe i should? I looked up the number to the emergency here in town, but waited to call thinking and hoping it will pass and everything will will be ok. But no way!!! Now it was impossible to lay down and if I did, I had to lay on my stomach with my legs pushed up against my chest. How comfortable is that? And it did not take away the pain.  So I tried to make it comfortable in the bathroom while sitting on the toilett. I brought in a chair and put a pillow on so I could rest my head while sitting on the toilett. Still waiting and hoping the pain would go away! So stupid when I look back now! I had started to call the emergency number now, around 10pm. But it was always a answering machine saying they had a lot to do at the moment and to call back later. So I did for a couple of hours and trying to cope with me not able to peeee more than a tiny trickle every time and literally making the toilett my constant home.

The night came to morning and my condition was going from bad to worse. After a few futile tries to contact the emergency, I decided that if anything is going to channge I have to make the 700 meter walk there. I tried to get on my pants but my stomach was so swollen that there was no chance to get them on. So I got on my soft pants and my big jacket, hat and gloves. So I started my big march and believe me that if anyone saw me they probably would wonder ”What is wrong with him? Does he have a bad hangover or is on some bad drug?” Thoose 700 meters were 1 meter at a time!


By the way before I left I did something that never has happened during my 25 years working! I called in sick, because at 1pm I was supposed to start. So now I cant say that I worked without one day sick! But now the situation made it impossible to work.

So after, what seemed like an endless walk, I finally arrived at the entrance of the emergency. There was not many people, so I got through the check in very fast. They took me into a room and right away ordered an ultra sound on my bladder. And it was full!!! It hurt when I lay down. My God! The nurse quickly came back and put a small tube into my urinepipe, but before that she put some ointment so it would not hurt when she put the tube to reach my bladder. And now the miracle happened! Out came over 1 liter of urine and before I left it had come nearly 2 liters! But the pain was gone and I was able to relax for the first time 36 hours. And while waiting for the doctor I fell asleep. My diagnosis was or is a slightly enlarged prostata and will be remitted to an urolog doctor for examinination. Because my bladder is so enlarged I have to wear a catheter for a week in order for the muscles to contract properly again.

Lesson learned, dont wait so long. My bladder could have burst and in that case I would not have been able to write this.