Covid 19..

is more than a disease…it has become a moral and ethic problem. How? Because a lot of these restrictions appeals peoples own responsibility…

keep distance…stay home if you snifle…no more than 10 people…dont take public transportation….

but all of these above are just/only recomendations….and apply to people own moral, ethic and also empathy….Sad to say this is where there are big differences….because today are these things mentioned a very very individual assesment. My interpretation of moral, ethics and emphaty are not yours.

In todays society there are so many different interpretaions of these above mentioned. This is why they are so hard to live up to. We dont have a standard anymore for what is moral and ethics?

Before we were a christian society but now we are a mix up and mish/mash of everything where everyone has their own interpretion of what is moral and ethics. So surpise….and welcome to the society of individual morals and ethics…freedom?? that is the question?

Is this one of the reasons that Sweden has such terrible rates when it comes to psychiatric and psychological problems? Where did we go wrong? And it is getting worse….wait until the covid 19 is ”over” if it ever will?