the swede abroad….

I have some critisicm against the swede abroad and when they settle or live in another country for the most part of the year. I have read and heard about swedish villages in Spain and recently in Thailand where the Swede dont do much to integrate. Meaning learn the language, history, culture and more. Take part of the spanish/thai life in other words. And why are thoose swedes not popular among the local community?

Then we have all the swedes buying houses in gated communities in Thailand. I saw a cooking programme on swedish television with one of our famous chefs visiting a famous singer in Thailand. This famous singer lived in a gated community, guess with who??? Other swedish people….So when people of other nationalities come to Sweden do we blame them for sticking together and want to live with their country fellowman? Yes we blame them and especially the nationalistic party we have now! They think we swedes are better than them but guess what? No we are not. I also know that the swedes in Thailand dont clean their houses…do the laundry or even cook their meals, Because they can pay somebody low wage salary every month for that service and in that way using the locals for their own benefit. How much effort do the swedes in Thailand make to learn the language, history, culture etc? Not very much I guess. By the way I lived in Thailand for 4 years before it became popular to go there. But that is another story.

So swedish democrats…..what can you learn from this? We swedes are no better when we come abroad! And then I have not even touched the subject ”The swede as a tourist!” I have a lot to say about that after living abroad for 20 years and I am still fascinated by other cultures, languages and history. I feel like I am adding to my life when learing these things, not subtracting. So my advice to you Swedish Democrats learn Addition not Subtraction, it is more fun and including rather than excluding! What are you afraid of?