…a funny word with a lot of meanings depending who says it and also who interprets it! We often talk about it in the way of animals being extinct, plants becoming extinct, vast areas becoming extinct like the rainforests and we are just about making the air around us ”extinct” with our pollution or should we call it ”mans progress”?

The funny and more serious thing and thought is that we are shaping our own extinction and we do it being fully aware of it. And we the crown of creation, evolution or what you call it, have completly gone astray from both theories. Darwins theory might fit in ” the fittest, strongest survive!” the others will fall by the wayside of time and the result of progress. The weak, the small, the poor, the uneducated will be sacrificed because they dont fit the picture of progress they are a liability and collateral damage. The world is becoming more and more cynical and immune toward this pain, suffering, starvation and killings and just think of it as collateral damage. As long as it does not come to my country, my town, my neighbourhood, my doorstep, my family, as long  as I am not looked upon as collateral damage.

We the human race are literally not only making everything around us exctinct but we are also an integrated part in this world and everything in it! So we are creating, forming, building, shaping and paving the road to our own extinction.

When they professed themselfes to be wise, they became fools!