John Lennon…

..wrote a song happy xmas! The message in this song is loud and clear. It is a cyninism against the whole celebration of Christmas, yet artists, singers make it a ”normal” Christmas song??? The last One I listened to was Celine Dions version with some traditional picture motives, My honest reaktion to this cover version is that John Lennon would never have approved of this interpretation of his song and its message. I believe he would turn in his grave!

I agree totally….when in my late teens or early 20s I had a different Christmas experience that kind of helped me understand and relate to Johns song. It was after My drugyears or att least in the last days before I quit. To understand my reaction to this experience one has to know that I had been taken both cannabis and Lsd for quite a few years. So this the background/the setting of how I experienced this particular walk/situation….this evening…..walking the streets alone……in my hometown all alone at night…. temperature below zero……snow everywhere/beautiful… decorations with their bright lights…..and last but not least ALL and EVERY shop window filled with merchandise of every kind!

I had since some time back started to reflect about exestenialism and meaning of life and in some ways or words become a little religious. In a way this was/became my way out of drugs! Anyway this evening…just before Christmas….totally sober….under no Influence….(they say that you can have some after”trips” from Lsd or even cannabis.!? I dont know?

In the middle of the street in my hometown, cold snowy/winter night..all alone..and this is the truth. I cried out….”Jesus how misunderstood you have been!”

So in conclusion… John Lennon…I understand your song and as I once wrote…I rather hear this song on the street sung by a simple street musician than in a great concert hall sung by the already rich and famous!

Peace and Love…

…I have noticed that this is Ringo Starrs Main message, but I have another conclusion/thought about this!

I have come to a new realisation as to what these 2 words can be related/connected to. For me it all started with the Beatles and what a tremendous group this was and totally outstanding. I am the living proof of this, having followed them from day ONE when their first single game out. From that day on they were the greatest Influence in my life! Their songs, music and lyrics just made my world different.

With every album came something new…..and I mean new. They always surpassed every expectation. I could go on and on about this and nearly in detail describe this album-journey. If you were not there att the time, in the moment it is just impossible to relate to. It was Magic!

So the breakup of the Beatles was a really really a sad moment, a tragedy. How could this happened? If it was the Rolling Stones or some other band it would be easier to understand, but the Beatles?? It was impossible and yet it happened. It took some time to digest this but it was soon forgotten. Why?

Out of this came 4 strong independant musical musicans/artists. When the soloalbum with George Harrison ”All things must pass” came out I was sold on him and his message of Love and existenial questions/answers. This album came just at the right time in my chaotic, turbulent, crazy life. It helped me to understand that life is more than what meets the eye and the ear. I could go on and on about how this album came just at the right time. So thank God Beatles brooke up otherwise George Harrison would never have happened. And his message of Love!

Now to the other beatle that made a difference but in a different way yet like a complement to George Harrison. John Lennons message of Peace are one of the strongest peace messages ever presented/preached by any artists. John Lennon made it simple and clear…..there was no sugar coating the message. It was not only the lyrics that was straighforward but also the music was raw and almost naked. There was no mistaken what he wanted. I loved this way of making music and how music can make a difference!

In short summary…..the split up of Beatles was a blessing in disguise when these 2 individual artists/musicans/activists etc otherwise would not have come into their full capacity! Sad to say that they died/murdered way to early. The world lack voices like George Harrison and John Lennon.

To me they are still a beacon in my world, a comfort to My troubled soul.

(Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are great artists but in my eyes not the way George and John were)

Of course this could be much longer and more elaborate but I think the message is herr and I made my point!

! close to the truth is a lie? is a lie sometimes better than the truth? and in this case? how?

we always (almost) declassify the lie! Why? We use it daily in our Lifes…it is scientifically proven! So why does LIE put us in an awkward/discomfortalble postion!

So on the other counterpart we have the TRUTH!

Of course in the best of Worlds the TRUTH wins over the poor lie!

Or is it just that simple?

Just a simple axiom….sometimes the lie…helps the truth?

or vice versa…but in most cases it is a lie that helps the truth!

Death pilot…

These words came to me because I feel society lacks this kind of knowledge/guidance. How do you guide/pilot/help someone into death…passing away…going to the other side..etc. How do we pass on(I personally like this expression) to the ”other” side, if there even is another side or if it just is a dark nothing with 6feet of dirt above!

Regardless for most people it is a painful- and anguish- filled thought and moment that most of us are very ill prepared for. Thats why maybe a Death Pilot can be a Comfort, a guide, a consoler when the time comes and you know that you have, so to say, come to deads-end!