are 2 things that keep us here on earth..without airresistance no gravity No airresistance.

I am looking at my new posters, photos taken from the Hubble telescope, showing what the outer space of the universe look like. Fantastic images/photos taken from the Hubble.

So when contemplating, meditating, thinking….it came to mind that at least these 2 things are missing, airresistance and gravity! Att least this is my theory. So then I continued contemplating….how does things work without these 2 forces/laws of nature that are so essential for our survival?

It got me into thinking and wondering how the universe works without these 2 forces? Are there other laws or are there gravity without airresistance? We also have centrifugal power that keeps us in orbit. But in a way it is the ”pull” from the sun which in a way is a combination of speed and gravity. The Satellites are kept in orbit with these 2 forces, speed and gravity. My theory!

Anyway these photos got me into thinking how does planets work in their interaction with each other. what keeps them from just crashing into each other constantly??

what forces do we need in life to have an existense apart from oxygen(air), water, food…things that are merely physical. For me the inner person need a lot and is more, attention, social context, understanding and more… We are so vulnerable and so easy to forget the inner person that can

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