Dark ages in the 21st Century?

With the ongoing developements in the world it looks like we are going into what looks like a ”new” dark age like the 15 and 16th Century dark ages. It is scary that we dont learn from history and how we can repeat history without seeing the obvious signs. So what are the signs? First of all the ongoing pandemic that we are going through is like the pandemic that killed so many people in thoose days…and it went on for years…killing thousands of people.

Another sign…the ongoing financial crisis with pan economical consequenses that in its own way are a crisis. Why it is so dangerous is that it involves the 2 strongest economies in the World right now…USA and China. They are both fighting for World domination as a global currency. So far just about every trade…every Exchange..every transfer has had its base in the dollar. The dollar has been the currency that have enabled the World trade we have today. Of course there are are other like the euro and the English Pound but they are not even near the dollar as a trade currency.

So now the Chinese see a possibility to become that standard currency…and they are aggresivly moving their positions forward. How can they do that? Quite easy…how many companies have their manufacturing in China right now? How many things that we buy today says ”Made in China”, maybe in small letters but nevertheless it is made in China. In this way the western World have made themselfes dependent on China…without knowing the consequenses. Sometimes cheap can be very expensive! And now China is starting to send the bill in form of that we did not expect. Look what they are doing to Hong-Kong with the new security bill. Dark ages! And they are buying up properties all over the World, investing in countries infra structures, taking over companies etc etc.

Then there are other signs/factors to the equation and that is the rising of despots…Putin, Erdogan, Bolzonaro, Orban, Duterte, Trump, Duque, Lukasjenko, Hassad to mention a few…countries on the way..Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Malta, Egypt, Zimbabve, Saudi Arabia and the whole arabian penisula, Iran, Burma, Thailand, Uganda…the list can be extended.

The idea is that we are now living in the 21st Century?? The enlightened generation…the know-it-all generation… or are we living in the 16th century mentality?

What upsets me most is that many of thoose mentioned above are elected to their posts and this mean what? Voted to Power by the people! Democracy has voted its own downfall! Amazing! We humans are so contradictory….! In a way we are a flock ”animal” and can easily become one…and just look at Trumps US how he have created the flock mentality….But the down side of flock mentality is that everything is black OR white (not racial colours), we or them, it you are not for me, you are against me mentality …polarisation, populism..etc.

And the rest you can find in reset history how Hitler came to power and the consequnses of this…the problem today is that we have many potential Hitlers in the World now!

So prepare for the Dark Ages of the 21st Century!

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