we have found a vaccin against covid 19?? and then he goes out to brag about how his own daughter got vaccinated??? who is she? and if it was so safe…why did not he take the vaccination, because he is in the riskgroup?? did he really think or Believe the World would buy this? maybe his own fellow country men/because the state own the media..but the rest of the World…I dont think so! When you are a despot (like so many worldleaders today), and by definition Putin is a despot today! So when a despot comes with such a claim…WE HAVE THE VACCINATION AGAINST COVID 19 AND MY DAUGHTER IS VACCINATED!!HALLLLLLUJAH! I think this hallelujah gets stuck in the throat. When a despot delivers a message like this to the World….nobody is going to take it seriously….even if it is true!

would I take the vaccin….nope..no way! stuff it up Putins ass and see what happens.

the sad thing is the despot never see himself (seldom herself) in this light…I cant understand how they dont know that history will Catch up with them…because even a despot is mortal.

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