asset or liability?

…has Always been to me a balancing question…because there are so many factors involved….I have an opinion of you…you have an opinion of me…you think that you know me…I think I know you…. I make a my preconceived ideas who you are and you make the same of me etc.

The problem in alllll of these self constructed analysis/selfmade constructions/ideas, you think that it is so/and I think that it is so! And then you share these ideas/opinions with others like it is some kind of truth…of this person and guess what..I do the same.

I am the first to confess to fall into this trap…and I do it allll the time. Sometimes out of convinence…it it better to shut up then to ”put your foot in the mouth” and sometimes because I honestly think it is so, because the person that have these ideas/opinion is a friend (not a close friend, which is a difference)…that make me go along and sometimes I dont know why?? Ask yourself how many times you are in this situation.

I have a concrete example…at work I am a professional that actually are not allowed to voice your personal opinion and you are subject to a professional identity! So what happens? Sometimes the person…that are a client/patient etc..has strong opinions about something that is completly against your own beliefs and principales! Can you voice them? No you cannot!

But I still consider myself an asset..and not a liability! Sometimes in Life you have to balance your account/life and come to some sort of conclusion. Of course you can add your liabilities (which I have plenty) but where does thoose get you? When you are at my age it is time to add your assets…where did I go right..made the right descions…the right turns…! And I think with allll the wrong I made some things right!

So yes I think of myself an asset to life…how about you?

The best asset in life is to be able to say ” You were right and I was wrong..” then you are still a person that are alive!

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