Nobody cares…

…is really a sad, selfpity, poor me…who cares…why? I have been writing these pages and everything for years….but who cares? can be counted on my 5 fingers..amazing…when you think you have something worthwhile to say, write, share…it is really nothing!

So is it nothing? well obviosly not, because otherwise these words would not be here….so why do I consider them NOT NOTHING?

The ironic beginning is a little poooooor me, but really it is not! Why? Well I started writing this whole Blogg not to proclaim myself…promote myself or anything else. I just wanted a channel to unload what is on my mind instead of writing on facebook or other social media.

Well I have to admit that a little attention does not hurt to boost the selfesteem. Maybe people are reading but not commenting? I dont know! Anyway I like the anonymous way of life. As I wrote is not for me but for my children I write this, because somehow after my passing away maybe they would like to know more about me and who I was.

I started to discover this about my parents while they were still alive and got to learn some stories about their life. I am so glad for this, because in some ways it helps me understand who I am.

So I started this to help them in the future…when they get old…sit down and read this and maybe understand why they are the way they are. And expecially why I was the way I was.

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