Existentialism, religious, believer..

..are all kind of definitions for our use to help us using words to give life meaning. In essence they are just words that are trying to express a deeper more profound sentiment! Hmm…. sentiment another interesting word! I found one definition that came close ”an idea colored by emotion” beautiful! Cant get enough of this definition/explanation.

But back to the initial title…I really dont know if I am only one of three? I am more likely all! If I come into a conversation revovling around existensialism I can go around this without involving religion (though I find it Hard) because my basic belief and respect is that everyone are entitled to their own belief/faith/opinion. I try to as long as it does not conflict with some of my basic fundamental beliefs of every humans right of existense regardless of colour , belief, creed, language, culture……..

People that cannot accept these basic fundamental Rights (above mentioned) are hardly worth my time.

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