how Close is the thruth to a lie or vice versa…

.how close the truth is to a lie? is a lie sometimes better than the truth? and in this case? how?

we always almost declassify the lie! Why? We use it daily in our Lifes…it is scientificily proven! So why does a LIE put us in an awkward/discomfortalble postion!

So on the other counterpart we have the TRUTH or is it a LIE?

Of course in the best of Worlds the TRUTH wins over the poor lie!

I am using the lie as a way to not say the whole truth often…and sometimes I dont know if it really is a lie? I have a friend that I dont trust 100% or feel that we have not come so far in our friendship where I feel that I am comfortable to tell him/her everything. So the lie is or not saying everything is my way of avoiding the whole truth. I dont feel bad about this and I know very well that I use the lie to cover up the truth. In my defense I must say it is not in very important matters but in some everyday things.

My defense is ”it is not his business” to know everything what is going on in my life,,,so the lie is comfortable instead of not saying anything. Sometimes I avoid answering the questions…is this a lie? In a way, because if you conciously avoid the answer that you know and slide away on a sidetrack….is this a lie?

I just think as a defense of the lie it is not so bad like everybody tries to make it sound. In my eyes I am also protecting him/her from hearing the truth which might be too much at the moment.

These are lies on a everyday basis and of course not when the lie becomes a tool to gain power over other people….like Hitler did and many of todays world leaders…this is using the lie to manipulate people to your idea….and the world is full of them today…manipulative leaders.

and one more thing…I am not a perpetual lier and think that I go around lying all the time…I am still a lover of the truth….but there was somebody that once said….”the truth? you are not strong enough to handle the TRUTH so shut up!”

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