Anticipation-The new Now!

When I am travelling like I am now (right over the Atlantic,10600m above) my ”now” is not here but more in my anticipation of a ”now”! I am waiting for ”now” to happen. Why? My thoughts are maybe not here altogether now but they are already in the meeting, the anticipation/what I think to expect/is the now! This is why now is so hard, because now seems so dull, boring and is just a necessary evil to get you to the next destination/anticipation.

We always talk about living ”NOW”, but now seems ot consisting of making plans building up new anticipations/now´s! We have such a difficulty being in a now, especially when we meet friends, coworkers, family etc. What do we tell them? Our plans! Anticipations! Of course we tell stories about our lived anticipations as well. Why? To provoke them, make them jeolous? I dont think this is our intention all the time but many times. But in doing this we also challenge the other person with what she/he has for plans/anticipations.

Because this has become the new thing, THE NEW NOW, what is going to happen. If you dont have anything to come up with, you are a looser or they feel sorry for you! Because without Anticipation, the new Now, you cannot be happy!!

(wrote 18june2013 on my way to meet Pilar in Colombia!)

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