is a word that fascinated me from the first time I heard it. The word has so many meanings to me, for example, ”like the truth”, ”instead of the truth”, ”looks like the truth”, ”the quality of seeming to be true”. It is so close to the truth but still not the truth. Today we are so clever and we use this way of communication very much in our every day life. We dont lie to people but on the other hand we dont tell them the whole truth many times or the full story. We keep some parts of the story to ourselfes and thereby making it look like the truth, verisimilitude! It is not a lie but it is also not the truth!

It is so common today that we dont react to it and we should. The problem is when we in our turn tell the story to the next person with our version….where does it end up then? It is not even close to the truth and not even verisimilitude anymore!

Also most of us dont do it out of malice/evil but just because we dont have time to tell the whole story and more important we feel that the person we are talking to is stressed and dont have time and maybe not even is interested. There are so so many pitfalls that often leads to misunderstanding and a thereby verisimilitude!

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