…an increase by natural growth or addition!

I like this definition ”natural growth or addition”! Life is a natural growth where things/experiences etc are added all the time. And I like the definition ”added” not subtracted! Which means that life is positive and you are always adding to your life, of course for good or bad. Often we marvel over people that have gone through terrible things and they still see it as an addition to their life and not a subtraction. Sometimes it takes some time before we see the addition but the attitude is that there is a ”light at the end of every tunnel”!

Another thought I had about accumulation is that most people see it as a race to have as much material things and money in the bank and then you die happy! My idea of accumulation is to look at life as a journey with temporary stopovers/stations and then move on until the final destination. My accumulation are the experiences I had in life, first of all my fantastic children and my grandchildren, friends, living in other countries, learning new languages and cultures, having good health, having had fantastic relationships with beautiful women (and still have!) and not so much the things I have which are not so much. Things/money are tools to get us somewhere and not a goal! Somehow I have survived with very little money/things and intend to let it be that way!

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