…when I think about latinamerica (and in some ways northamerica) and centralamerica…they are still colonised by original spanish population. The so called liberation with Simon Bolivar as the great liberator. In my world ”liberation from what?”. Because when Simon Bolivar made his revolution against the spanish he forgot one thing. He did not throw out the colonisator…the ethnic spanish population.

In Africa when the colonisation ceased the power was returned to the original population for good and for bad. But that is what happened. There were some examples in Africa that took some time before it happened like South africa and Zimbabwe(former Rhodesia) and maybe a few more but it happened anyway. That is another story!

Anyway in every country in South America and Central America it is still the colonizer that is in power, both economically and political and in some ways cultural. I have Colombia as an example…the discrimination in this country is so extreme and it was in this country the ”revoution” with Simon Bolivar started. As a curiosa it was in this part of SouthAmerica that the first colonial city was founded, Santa Marta, by Rodrigo de Bastidas. So the colonisation and the looting of South America had begun…

The original population that consisted of many different people, cultures, languages etc. But what many had and a lot of…was gold and other precious minerals. The gold became the cause of one of the most terrible genocide and looting in the world history.

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