the 4 elements..are they 5….

i have meditated about the 4 elements, will return to the 5th later, and their different status.

3 of them are self excisting..but one, fire, does not come so naturally like the other 3, earth, wind, water, are so to say selfexcisting wheras fire has a need of at least one of the other element, fire. in some ways fire also need earth for a place to excist,,,and funny enough,,,fire has a mortal eneymy, water!

So I make my thesis…how fire became and is considered among the elements being so elusive and not so to say selfexcisting! I will try to delve into this when time gives me room…and strenght. I am just merely planting an idea here so I have something to come back to later and develope.

the 5th element…philophers stone…that can turn led into gold!! in my world it is how you turn an idea into (not gold) reality…

and more more….

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