i was only 16 going on 17 with a lot of Peace and Love in my life…but Little did i think and know about what really was going on around me. I called myself a concious person…aware and knowing what was going on!

But watching this programme on TV remembering what really happened 1968…it was a terrible violent terrible year and I just lived in Peace and Love. By the way my Peace and Love was drugs and rock´a roll! And a few more things. It is strange you call the years 67, 68 and end up with Woodstock 69 as I would call it the Love years.

Lets focus on the year of 1968…a lovely year?? nope! Lets start with the Prague spring..a wonderful revolution got stamped out by Sovjetunion because they got to free…what a paradox especially if you know the excuse from the a sovjet soldier as to why they motivated this invasion.

But one of the most horrific events this year took Place in Mexico that hosted the Olympics this year…because behind the scene was a quiet student revolt wanting a more transparent democracy. Just days before the inauguration of the Olympic Games of 1968 in Mexico City there was a demonstration in a square in Mexico City…what happened? Peaceful demonstrators were violently attacked by soldiers with machinguns and helicopters….the number of deaths?? They were so many that the square had to be cleaned with strong water canons for hours because of all the blood. Peaceful, loving people asking for Peace and understanding!! The reason? The goverment wanted to show that a Peaceful Olympic Games could take place! Can you see the paradox?

So these are 2 things….Lets move on to Vietnam…1968 is considered to be one of the most violent years in the Vietnam war…and then you can imagine what happened and how many lifes it cost…it is just Amazing how a tranquil,,,easy going…fishing village (been this for centuries) can be totally bombed and destroyed…WHY? because someone high up there in the hierchy decided that this village is the centre of a military command…how many people died…not interesting…just numbers! (see the irony of this?)

And a few minor things…Robert Kennedy got assasinated…Martin Luther King got assasinated….People that tried to be and make a difference.

It took me a few years to realise the reality of this year…but now looking in the mirror I can say…Yes I remember! But as a 16 year old…living life and doing the things I did….I dropped out of school..went sailing on a cargo ship to South America…life for me was Peace and Love…but not in the world!

The lesson? The world today 2020 is not a peaceful world! Have we learned? No! It is even worse of today than it was 1968! So in comparision to 2020 maybe 1968 was Peace and Love…this to make us understand how bad the world is today.

are we getting wiser with all the knowledge we have today? dont kid yourself…we are getting more stupid!

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