Lessons ”maybe” learned from reading books..

Goethe wrote in his biography after he decided to break with his old life; ” Who knows where I am going? It is with great difficulty I try to understand where I come/came from!”

Rousseau wrote this to help people understand his complex/dual/rebel personlity; ”…there are moments when I feel and act so different that people can easily confuse me with someone else that has an entirely different personality!”

Nietche suggested/wrote that the common/average man/woman are ”..angry spectators of their own past!”

Salman Rushdie states/proposes/suggests that ”the modern/contemporary I/me/myself is a weak construction that we build from small pieces/experiences of this and that; dogmas, injustices experienced from childhood, newspaper articles, random commentaries from people, movies seen, insignificant victories, people you hated, people you loved!”

Z. Bauman and M. Taylor writes that ”the psyche is always/constantly in an unbroken/uninterupted voyage/journey to being…a never completed/finished I-identity!”

Societal economics today is to be compared/likened to a ”plasticity” I(me) a collage of fractured pieces in a constant being/motion/in-the-making, always having to be open for new experiences/challenges/impressions – this is the ideal psychological condition in comparision to shortsighted work/employment experiences; a constant risktaking ”plasticity”!

And there is not enough time/space for a deeper understanding/comprehension/cohersion/reflection when ones lifes work/efforts are smashed to pieces in just a moment, because in the big picture of life it is just one mosaic piece, a sandcorn on the beach of time/eternity, yet it hurts like hell and this is not how you see the situation when you are in it, living it. But todays society does not give you time to heal/reflect, but tells you to get with it, get over it and move on! There is also no time for analysing the seriousness and the painful consequence in failing, because it is just another episode/chapter among all the other episodes in life!

No time for reflection! And no time for living!

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