is to me more like a one dimensional flatlander. He makes it easy in his analyse and looks at the world as it is a one dimensional world. It is like saying that the only math we have is addition. The Trump addition!  He does not want to admit there are more dimensions to life. If he would admit this he would also have to learn to analyse, think, ask for counsel etc. In life there is subtraction(sometimes you have to give up in order to get a result), division(share the credit and that you are not the only solution to the problem), and sometimes equation (where you actually have to involve unknown factors to find a solution)! And forget algebra where you really have to think! My god trump is an elephant in cheramic store! Where ever he put his foot something brakes or is damaged. The question is that who is going to clean up after him? My fear is that soon he is going to start a war, not because he needs to, but because he wants to. And with that muscle power of military he is going to be the greatest ”terrorist” the world has ever known or close to it.

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