mosaic of life..

we all are trying to create a sense of context/coherency in life…from the moment we are born, the mosaic beginns…..until the day we pass away! The journey is called life and all that it involves. When you stand there at the end of the road or at least have passed the major part of life…What is the conclusion? Is your story/life coherent? Is you mosaic understandable? Does it really tell the story like you want it to be? or is your mosaic a incoherent pattern where you cant see a clear picture but just a confusion of pieces thrown togehter.

Maybe that is ok with you but I always try to find the context and a coherency in my life,…to give it meaning and a purpose! And also to set the (even though I belong to the flop/old side/age/) goals for tomorrow. I believe purpose is an essential part of life….a sense of purpose/meaning! And this is regardless of nationality, etnicity, race, religion, finances….etc.

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