Is my personality/character my prison/destiny

Why am I the way I am? Do I like it? And if so why cant I do something about it? Sometimes I feel and experience that my personality is my enemy! It does things and say things that sometimes only causes me trouble and pain! Not that I intentionally hurt somebody or want to inflict pain! I dont mean in a physical way but more in a verbal way! I could never hurt somebody physically unless somebody would hurt or do harm to my children or grandchildren! And yes if I see some bullies harrassing or hurting a weaker person!

But these are the positive sides of my personality, maybe?

Regardless of the above mentioned I still feel in general that our personalities/charachter is our prison! So make the best out of it! I sometimes see the world around me like a circus! Why? Because in a circus we allow the not-conforming personalities/characters! The people that are not like you and me !

But is it really like this? Sometimes when I sit on a bench in the town square and watch ALL these people passing by! All these different people passing me by, this is a circus a performance to me! Not in a negative way, on the contrary! You learn to see the ”colour” the identity/personality/character in each individual! And I do this with respect ! Because I myself think myself a particapant of the circus! And maybe somebody is watching me and seeing me as a clown in their ”circus”?!


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