I have walked through so many doors in my life and also closed many many doors… Every door is like a chapter and some doors are heavier, they are books. Because they are so HEAVY to close and have some weight to it. This means it was not that easy to close. It was not just a closet door but a front door an entry door. These doors are having another construction, different material and quality. They are supposed to keep you safe and secure. So when you have to close these doors and start to build a new one it takes time. Building and construting a new home symbollically starts with a safe and secure door. Through this door everybody has to enter and step over its treshold. You decide to open or not and here you decide who is going to enter.

So are you careful about who enters your life? Do you have a good door? And do you have a treshold to decide who gets over it and enter into your life and your home.

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