…in my life I have many rewards and the sum of it is that I couldn´t be more rewarded, if you know what I mean. There are so much that fills my cup that like the Bible says ”my cup runneth over”! I really cannot describe it in any other way.

When a man like me, 67 going on 90, can look back and can still look forward is an amazing life. Looking back…wow and I can say of days to come WOW! Why, because if you have read anything that I have written you know that my past is not something that ordinary people have lived.

But I had another aspect, sort of reflection tonight as I sit here and write this. It is not negative or depressive but still somewhat DARK!! I could go to bed tonight…whenever I wanted to…but the real sum of life…I can or dont want to get up tomorrow… is kind of the dark side of me…Imagine if I could decide or choose….

TONIGHT I PASS ON……….but it is never with regrets but with my rewards in life….

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