different levels and how they can change. I feel very much that friendship can be defined in many ways. I could use numbers, where a friend number 1 is the best and 10 the not so best(still friend) or I could use colours where red is the hot and blue the cold….or metals, gold is very good friend, silver a lesser friend, copper, iron, brass etc.

Why this? Because just because a person is a number 10 does not mean he/she is an enemy. I just have to learn how to act when I am with these different categories.

To be a number 1 friend with me is not easy to achieve. Sad to say that just now there is no one in this category. I had some but they have slipped down to 3 maybe 4. Suddenly they have become acquaintances and have lost that special dimension.

As it is now my closest is my children and grandchildren. They are always number 1 and can never slip outside this.

I have another description of friendship and it is circular where the core the innermost circle belongs first to my children and maybe some friend but even this takes a lot of trust and mutual trust. I have to trust them and they have to trust me and also we give each other priority. In the2nd circle so to say I have some but even here I am careful. And in the 3rd you can have social acquaintances and even some work collegues.

Can write a lot about this but for right now I feel a little sad because of a former number 1 friend that now is nr 3 friend.

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