Again another CHANGE…

…this week has been a week of change. I have contacted a real estate agent to sell my apartment and move south! I have also begun to downsize my living by getting rid of many things, either put it out for sale or just throw it away.

The plan is to go to Tenerife in may (have already booked a small flat) . I will be there for 3 weeks to see what I can find. Then in september I will pack the car and leave for the south.

Thoughts? well there are more thoughts than a dog has flees. It is a desicion that involves a million details. The main thing is to downsize because this is not a regular move. It is even more difficult when I moved to the camper. This is a geograhic move with some distance to taken into consideration.

Mentally it is also a big thing and sometimes I think that I am a little crazy. I have made the desicion based upon some certain basic facts. I call it facts because they are not based upon My emotions. 1. I cannot stay in Sweden another Winter. 2. I am not getting any younger, there is not so much time left.3. I cannot definetly stay in Örkelljunga One more year. 4. I am not made to live in the swedish climate. 5. I believe that I can taken care of myself financially (I am looking for jobb in Tenerife).

Thoose were some facts now the emotional part and I can say that socially it has been some of the most devastating years in my life! If it was not for my children there has not been too much of motivation to live. I have been close to depression and if I stay here another winter…I dont know? In the 2 years that I have lived here only One(1) friend toke the time to visit me and he has an open invitation to come and stay for free with me on Tenerife. It is strange but none/nobody of my old friends have not even asked if they could come for a visit. No phonecalls, no messages…well another things that have kept me from thinking….i have never in My life worked more hours now..sometimes more than 200 hours a month!! So not having to think is a good thing for me! But it is sad and it is deep in My heart…. I thought and believed that My Friends were Friends! Maybe I was the bad friend?

In a way this makes it easier to decide and make this desicion. Because do I loose friends? Nope! ! So I rather be in a warm country without friends instead of in dark,grey, cold country without friends! By the way I decided that there is no way having a social life in Örkelljunga unless you are born here. This is the truth!

So I feel and think and believe that My desicion is Good!

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