other differences like language, history, food, climate, colour of skin, sociala differences, educational possibilities and probably more. All of these (and maybe more) is what defines us and make us to be the person we become.

Actually there is one more important thing that matters a lot depending in what society, country you were born in. The prerequisites you have from birth determines a lot as to what or who you become. This is your personality which then grows up with the above mentioned conditions, culture, history, language etc. Lets say you have some basics but there are possibilities for alterations, that diviate from the obvious, predestined. How you counteract your predestined life?

I have read a book about a investigation that concerns 2 kind of people. The basic idea of this investigation /survey is that most people stay in the town /neighbourhood where they grew up. They really dont come so much further. There are different aspects as how to relate to this investigation/survey/research. The author himself is a critic of thoose that never move away or at least for some part of their lifes are away from this comfortzone/place of birth. He (and this is my idea as well) is that there are 2 things that move you out and away from this comfortzone. He emphasises education as one of them. Why? Because almost as a consequense of higher education moves you away from home and out into the world thus exposing yourself to other cultures etc. This does not mean you have to move to another country, it is enough you change city or live/settle in another part of your country.

The point is that is, in my opinion, that people that never move away from their place of birth dont get very much out of life. But you dont have to have a higher education, you can just move into the unknown world. Become a citizen of the world and thus exposing yourself to other cultures and as a consequense be affected and become a different person. This is a fact.

Of course I understand and recognice that there are people that are born in places that absolutely dont allow them this freedom or opportunity to be able to move. Many are born into very closed and strong cultures thus making it impossible to move. I can only symphatise with these people and especially women that are born predestined to a life ruled by strong cultural rules.

Then there are people born with disabilities like cp defects or people with down syndrome and the likes, born so to say dysfunctional. I have worked many years with this group and have learned a lot. They are depending on people like me to be able to get experiences outside of their place of birth. In my experience of working in different positions I must say that working with this group has been most rewarding. They are natural, loving, spontaneus and more.

My God, if it continues like this I will never get to the point of why I started this. Actually I just wanted to try and explain why I make certain choices in life. It is not easy to just say it in one sentence because then it will be open for a lot of misunderstanding, misconceptions, misinterpretation etc. To my knowledge and experience people will still find that straw that they dont agree with and critisize. My point really is not to convince anyone to choose what I choose, God forbid. I am just trying to explain how I make choices sometimes big (which takes more time) and sometimes small (everyday choices) that does not require too much effort. It is in some cases easy to overanalyse choices and as a consequense never become a Choice!