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Mattinata, B&B Torre Sacena!

An amazing visit to this mini castle right on the adriatic sea just outside. A wonderful host! A little hard to find but the gps did the trick! Enjoy the pix.

A castle in miniature!

Impressive stairs and a beautiful entrance door.

A room and bed fit for a king.

Breakfast view.

The amazing rock beach with 3 different levels of rocks. Small closest to the sea and the next level slightly larger and thirdly the bigger ones.




Matera, Italy. October 2018.

My discovery of Matera started with a little walk…so I thought. After 4 hours I was far from being finished. There is still so much to discover in this city built both on the rocks and also inside, with innumerable cave dwellings.

Matera is built around a valley where the original dwellings were caves, carved out as dwellings.
Another italian city built on naked rock/hills.


A big rock in the middle of it all!

This is how the original Matera inhabitants were living.

Maybe this is how they started dwelling and making caves to live in.

inside the old city!

A small square.


The beautiful suroundings.

the bridge is quite ways down.