the climate

..i dont in any way by this is belittling or trying to make fun or being cynical about the enviromental movement we are experiencing today…and they are so right and have the right attitude about what is happening without questioning….

BUT…the world has gone through some dramatical changes that we can credit to the climate..or…? ice age…extinction of dinousaires..mammouths…T.Rexex…etc… So thoose things happened…or? so when the ice age came to pass..were there some big demonstrations…ICE AGE IS UPON US…or the Dinousours are dying-save the dinousours…..So the world has gone through some monumental enviroremental changes..YES..and we are stlil here..

My point is..the earth can take care of itself and the earth will retiliate with or without our help…we underestimate the power of the earth and its power….the sad thing in the end it will not be the earth that will pay the will be we humans…that have to pay the price, with many lifes lost.

When it comes down to brass tracs in the enviromental talks…it is not about saving the is saving humans…and we humans are in deep shit! It is only a matter of time before all hell break loose.

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