chaos…part 1

basically I see myself as a Chaos person that have learned some tricks to behave. Meaning that I need some organisation, routines and planning in order to keep up the Chaos. My personality is depended on chaos to be alive. There are some basic things that  I adhere/refer to or can recognise…..

  1. My history of all the changes that I have gone through….
  2. countries lived in
  3. languages learned
  4. cultures experienced
  5. history learned
  6. people meet
  7. going through age…from a chaos teenager to a chaos old man
  8. and a chaotic life if you look at it from what is expected from an average life
  9. nevertheless in some ways an organised chaos
  10. because I am here still today…
  11. a super chaotic life up to 40years of age
  12. where I had my first payed work after over 20years of philantropic work
  13. and slowly got myself up to where I am today
  14. with more ”work” than ever before…
  15. but to me it is the ”banana—peel” ….
  16. where one things lead to another….
  17. and I still am thinking that work is first something to be stimulting
  18. so this is why I have more things today in some ways than ever before
  19. worked to help dysfunctional people.
  20. and as a coach to introduce all kinds of people to get on with life…work, education. or retirement
  21. and I am responisble for the house where I live with 20 apartments
  22. and also have retirement pension…
  23. So yes this are just some things of my chaotic life.

Even this summary is Chaos!!!

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