….is often a more cruel and  unnecessary painful Master! Why? The road and journey to death is often more painful than what is adequate! If Death would be summoned to a court of justice It would definetly be sentenced and condemned to a long confinement for Its unjust and cruel behavaior! Why ?

We have enough agony, fear, problem just facing this ultimate sentence! No, but Death is not content/satisfied with having this defining role. Being the Ruler/Master/the Grim Reaper among many titles and credits!

No Death wants more! The road to death is often lined with a lot of pain, suffering, sickness, torture, fear and more! Why??? when ones life is definetly closing in for that final closure/the last breath, Death prolongs it in a undefined lenght of time!

When you have this unquestionable power , ”why add insult to injury” so to say!

My wish for Death is to say Goodbye ! Take the last breath and just pass away! No sickness as a burden on my loved ones or society! No prolonged agony for both myself or loved ones! Within other species / animals this is perfectly accepted!

Why cant Death be content with this? Maybe Death would get a better reputation as to what it has today! Because I feel and think that mankind in general would embrace Death more like a part of life instead of trying to ignore and not take it as a part of life and death! Love Death, dont fear it!

And please dont cheat Death by taking your life!! This is not my point ! Please! I just want to give Death a better reputation if possible! Death is an essential part of Life but with a bad reputation, this is the big difference!

We are and Never will be Immortals! So deal with it! Because you cannot ignore Death!

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