no more worlds to conquer….

is a sad quote from Alexander the Great when he thought that he had conquered it all! What did this really mean? Did he have a lack of vision? or was he just satisfied with what he got? did he feel frustration that even though, when he had conquered such vast territories, it still did not fill the void that he had in his soul.

Is not really this what we are trying to conquer….the void inside of ourselfes but continusually filling it with the wrong things,,,things that can never satisfy that void. We can feel that there are nothing more to conquer because we are still as empty as when we began.

And when you think about it this is maybe what Alexander the Great really meant….the void inside him was not even close to be filled because he focused on the wrong things,,,totally missed the mark. When you realise this..the emptiness just overwhelms you and you get so dissillusioned and depressed that you do like Alexander the Great…do desperate things/actions…and ultimately kill yourself.

Is there a cure? Well the cure is up to each and everyone of us because the only one that has the key to the solution is you!! You can try to run from it but it will eventually catch up with you and alllll those conquesta you have made in life will, like sand, sip their way through your fingers and ultimately your hand will be empty.

Is this your life? What have you conquered lately that will not fade away but remain!

My own reflection is that I feel that I have had a full life and I have conquered the right things so to say. I feel full and I feel that I am ready to pass on and will by every means be satisfied with the life I have lived. There are no regrets (yes a few minor) but I feel that LIFE has been good to me. So are there more things to conquer? Probably? But I am Home!

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