Damaged nerves…

..can be likened to a giant cable that have been cut through and demolished. Some cables get only slightly damaged but some get completly severed and cut through. Inside this cable are hundreds of coloured small cables, in the case of a human being millions of nerve ends. In the case of a trauma or some unexpected thing that happen the nerves get damaged and have to be puzzled back together. Depending on the severity of the damage, like in the case of the cable being severed, you have to assess what messures/treatment has to be applied. Also what expertise is needed. Sometimes it is possible to let it heal by itself, but in the case of nerves there is nearly always a permanent damage. The brain has registred the damage and stores it in our memory bank to always be remembered. Our brains have a way to store traumatic moments/events in our lifes more than when we get physically injured. If we have too much trauma/incidents in our life we can tend to develop a permanent condition/weakness/infirmity such as depression, anxiety even psychosis and other psychological sicknesses.

My point is that it is very difficult to repair damaged nerves and the damage is often more longlasting than any other damage that are somatic. And much more can be written about this to further expand on the subject of damaged nerves and its consequences!

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