Emotional lake…of Either success or disaster?

Sometimes when i am feeling melancholy and dive into the emotional lake of my life,,,,I feel like I am drowning and got to swim (sometimes like crazy) to keep my head/mind above waters. It is a challenge that easily can lead to depression or even psychosis…! People that dont have a distance/understanding as to what feelings/emotions are, are in the danger zone for psychic/mental diseases! Know how to swim in other words!

If you go to the origin the cause of how physchological disorder become such a complicated disease to cure/rehabilite, there is a chance/ a possibility to intervene before it goes to far !

To cure/or prevent which is not only better but I believe is the only ”cure”! Once you have been diagonosed with this ” disease” , you will most likely be a ”victim”, ” prisoner” to this psychological sickness/disease/illness/disorder! It is often a lifelong relationship!

Is my personality/character my prison/destiny

Why am I the way I am? Do I like it? And if so why cant I do something about it? Sometimes I feel and experience that my personality is my enemy! It does things and say things that sometimes only causes me trouble and pain! Not that I intentionally hurt somebody or want to inflict pain! I dont mean in a physical way but more in a verbal way! I could never hurt somebody physically unless somebody would hurt or do harm to my children or grandchildren! And yes if I see some bullies harrassing or hurting a weaker person!

But these are the positive sides of my personality, maybe?

Regardless of the above mentioned I still feel in general that our personalities/charachter is our prison! So make the best out of it! I sometimes see the world around me like a circus! Why? Because in a circus we allow the not-conforming personalities/characters! The people that are not like you and me !

But is it really like this? Sometimes when I sit on a bench in the town square and watch ALL these people passing by! All these different people passing me by, this is a circus a performance to me! Not in a negative way, on the contrary! You learn to see the ”colour” the identity/personality/character in each individual! And I do this with respect ! Because I myself think myself a particapant of the circus! And maybe somebody is watching me and seeing me as a clown in their ”circus”?!



i think i have figured out what rascism is! It is a disease, a defect in the mind, a psychic/mental disorder that can be cured if patiently handled. Of course there are some that are so affected/infected by it, so I call it that they have a mental block disorder and this kind is almost impossible to cure and is the most dangerous kind as well. This kind easily resorts to violence as a way of communicating their ideas and message, They have a total lack of vocabulary and have no intelligence to keep up a logical conversation/communication. So they resort to violence as a way of expressing themselfes.

Why use the word  ”disease”, such a strong word? Well we all have the right to life regardless of nationality, colour, religion, creed, background, economic status etc. We all have the right for respect and to be respected as a basic fundamental right. I agree that some people, organisations dont really live up to this and then make themselfes excluded of such respect in return.

What I am aiming for is that today we have such a low quality debate/communication/conversation that to me is so dangerous and as dangerous as the enviromental disaster we are heading for.


To be able to write and express your feelings/thoughts//ideas is a privileged only favoured/enjoyed by very few! To question and have a contrary opinion is often considered radical and dangerous! My conclusion is that the definition of extremimism/radical behaivour is difficult if not impossible to discover and predict!

And Yes I fear that the only thing that is going to listen to me soon is the sound of the pen writing on a white sheet of paper….

History/intellect/wisdom/philosophy/ politics/religion and life

I just love the intrecate words of all of these mentioned above! You cannot exlude one because alllll of these and more are so important to define where we are today and what define humanity. We think/believe/imagine that we are so enlightened/allllll knowing/superior…..but in the great context of history we are just pawns in what we cant change but we can just observe/particapate and just some are choosen/elected to change the course of history. We are most of all spectators as a human race….and we have opinons/point of views but we never really matter! The only people that matter are the people that dont marginalise life….think it cant be done….and of course this is where they end up! They are the ones that make the difference and make history! Be they heroes or villains but they are not waiting for things to happen! They make it happen!!!

spam and flattery….

suddenly my blog/website has been flooded with emails! i am flattered…but the contents of the commentarys are very general and flattering…but no one can actually refer to any word or comment as to what i write….so my conclusion is….it is spam…

If you are actually a sincere, honest person…please make a reference to what i write or have written!

or you are SPAM!

I am not writing to be flattered or trying to be someone more than I am!

Emotional dyslexia…..

…how do you explain this? This is an expression I came up with that maybe I have in some way. How do I explain? Well people always say go with your ”gut feeling” which in some cases can be wrong and sometimes right. But if you solely/only go by your feelings and no reason you will end up wrong many times. Feelings are the ignition the spark that makes us move and make descions. Reason is how to implement and what actions there are to do. But sometimes we act only on feelings and YES it can go right and we should sometimes act on our feelings and leave reason out. Love and falling in love is such a feeling where reason has to stand back.

Then there is EQ verses IQ and what is the most important! I personally believe EQ is more important because in our EQ you find such important feelings like emphaty,  happiness, sadness, sorrow and more! These feelings are so important in our interaction with each other and without them we pretty much just a shell or a robot with a lot of knowledge/information IQ!


…a funny word with a lot of meanings depending who says it and also who interprets it! We often talk about it in the way of animals being extinct, plants becoming extinct, vast areas becoming extinct like the rainforests and we are just about making the air around us ”extinct” with our pollution or should we call it ”mans progress”?

The funny and more serious thing and thought is that we are shaping our own extinction and we do it being fully aware of it. And we the crown of creation, evolution or what you call it, have completly gone astray from both theories. Darwins theory might fit in ” the fittest, strongest survive!” the others will fall by the wayside of time and the result of progress. The weak, the small, the poor, the uneducated will be sacrificed because they dont fit the picture of progress they are a liability and collateral damage. The world is becoming more and more cynical and immune toward this pain, suffering, starvation and killings and just think of it as collateral damage. As long as it does not come to my country, my town, my neighbourhood, my doorstep, my family, as long  as I am not looked upon as collateral damage.

We the human race are literally not only making everything around us exctinct but we are also an integrated part in this world and everything in it! So we are creating, forming, building, shaping and paving the road to our own extinction.

When they professed themselfes to be wise, they became fools!

the swede abroad….

I have some critisicm against the swede abroad and when they settle or live in another country for the most part of the year. I have read and heard about swedish villages in Spain and recently in Thailand where the Swede dont do much to integrate. Meaning learn the language, history, culture and more. Take part of the spanish/thai life in other words. And why are thoose swedes not popular among the local community?

Then we have all the swedes buying houses in gated communities in Thailand. I saw a cooking programme on swedish television with one of our famous chefs visiting a famous singer in Thailand. This famous singer lived in a gated community, guess with who??? Other swedish people….So when people of other nationalities come to Sweden do we blame them for sticking together and want to live with their country fellowman? Yes we blame them and especially the nationalistic party we have now! They think we swedes are better than them but guess what? No we are not. I also know that the swedes in Thailand dont clean their houses…do the laundry or even cook their meals, Because they can pay somebody low wage salary every month for that service and in that way using the locals for their own benefit. How much effort do the swedes in Thailand make to learn the language, history, culture etc? Not very much I guess. By the way I lived in Thailand for 4 years before it became popular to go there. But that is another story.

So swedish democrats…..what can you learn from this? We swedes are no better when we come abroad! And then I have not even touched the subject ”The swede as a tourist!” I have a lot to say about that after living abroad for 20 years and I am still fascinated by other cultures, languages and history. I feel like I am adding to my life when learing these things, not subtracting. So my advice to you Swedish Democrats learn Addition not Subtraction, it is more fun and including rather than excluding! What are you afraid of?