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My day to day thoughts!


is definetly a big problem or from another view the best that could happen to you/oneself. Depending on what side you are.

There is a saying that what is one mans bread is the other mans poison. The one sees the view the other see the abyss.

I am not neccersarily a pessimist but more of an optimist, sometimes also a realist. Try to reason and objectify a problem or identify or rationalise in order to keep the problem /situation on armslength, figuratively speaking.

This is a strategy so it doesnt get to my feelings. Feelings are subjective and very seldom objective. This is why feelings can be such a trap for many People.

We can…

and will relate differently how we react in different situations and also under different conditions. In this I want to use 4 different Words as to how we generally react when we are suddenly confronted to something. 1. Externalise. 2. Internalise. 3.Rationalise. 4 Objectify.

a very wise advice…

this morning while listening to the radio I heard someone say something that immedietly went straight to my brain and heart. It was an african musican/artist that have an exhibition in Sweden right now. When he was interviewed the journalist asked what he wanted with this exhibition, did he have a message etc.

He so so wisely answered that ”I merely want to provide a place for thought”!

It is so true and it just struck me that this is what I would like to think about myself also ” a provider for thought/contemplation”. I know from experience that trying to convince people of ideas, lifestyle, religion etc is a futile project but to be a provider for thought/contemeplation sounds so much more effective and wise.

It kind of confirms one saying that I learned a long time ago……

A person convinced against his/her own will is of the same opinion still.

So be a thought provider and let people think for themselfes….they will anyway. But this helped me to be more relaxed and be more soft about my opinions.

Unconditional Love!

There are many kinds of love and also very many ways of expressing Love. Another important side, the ways to interpret Love is based on several conditions that you cannot overlook or forget when doing an analysis. My general idea of this way to interpret/understand Love have quite a few background variables that I will try to further expound/explain in this short essay. Some examples or ideas can depend on  where you are born, culture, religion, economic conditions/situation, size of family, gender, climate, political situation (democracy, dictator ship) etc. 

These above mentioned are essential variables when it comes to understand/explain what the word Love means and how it is practised in every day life around the world. The word Love is a universal word but have so many different colours that it makes the rainbow look like childs play with colours. The pallete to describe Love depends on who holds the pallete and what colours you decide to there. Sad to say in a few cultures Love is very/only black or white. To me Love has to include all colours or it is not Love. Love is including not excluding!

If we start with the cultural backgrounds to start off with, we have all the different european cultures that nearly all have their different ways of distinguishing the meaning/interpretation/implementation of Love. The Scandinavian, the german, french, italian, spanish, greek and more! You dont have to be a genius to imagine that there are differences by just reading the names of these countries. And this is just from the perspective from the word culture. Lets say you mix in additional factors like religion, language, history, political economic situation and not to mention gender. The difference being born a girl or a boy makes a huge difference what Love will mean for the rest of their lifes!

I want to remind my reader of the title ”Unconditional Love” how and what it means with these variables to take into consideration when using the word Love and for example saying ”I love you!” can be/mean such a huge difference depending who you are(background) and the person you say it to.

I have quite a bit of experience in this myself being swedish and have had relationship with women of different cultures etc and have had to learn how to adapt, compromise, accept etc many things. For good and bad, but mainly good because it has taught me a lot about Love and how different it is looked upon and how it is practised/performed in all of these different countries around the world.

I have also lived in many countries with a big variety of culture, history, religion, language etc. Among the countries that I have lived in are Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Thailand, lately I have travelled to Colombia and been there 13 Times. What Love is and how it is expressed when I lived in these countries has many different colours on the pallete and each country has their own distinguished colour, but of course with all the other colours includes. At least most of these countries allow to mix with all the colours but every country has their own main colour. Will ellaborate on this later in.  Mostly what I have learned and seen but this is just generally speaking. Love is very much being something that is surrounded by many rules and regulations, especially the Love between 2 persons. 

More to say about this and many personal experiences. Hope to write more soon!

They alll thought that they were good and did good…but

Napoleon, Alexander the great, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin,  Franco and many more that history has accredited them to be the more evil in the scale of evil!

Then you have the lesser evil persons! Among them we have a lot of learned men scientist, philosophers, priests and even some common men that might have meant to do good but other men have used it for a bad purpose.

Good is an inflated word that has more colours than we ever can imagine. Lets just take the colour of Grey. To me it is one of the most complicated colours there are. Why? Because the colour of grey is the colour that actually to me is not a colour! Why again! Grey is the colour that either is leaning on either how much or less black or white is mixed into it.

This is to me how you approach the truth and define it. Who or what is colouring/proclaiming to say that they have the truth. To me the most truthful people are thoose who say ”this is what I think” ”this is what I know” etc.. and then go on to say ”what do you think?” ”Do you have another point of view”. By doing this you come to a consensus, a mutual understanding and this is a bit closer to the truth.

Having conversations, arguments, dialoges etc is an essential part and path to find or know the truth.

And in a way these people that I mentioned in the beginning were not particulary known for being open to this above mentioned.

Sad to say today the world is getting filled up with these kind of leaders, with Trump and Putin leading the way. There is big problems ahead of us!





loose thoughts…

My privledge as old is that I am not so much in the planning but in the executing, doing things…

It is logical, intellectual, wise, reasonable, sensible people/friends that have helped me to understand that I am not an idiot, lunatic, crazy, insane.

integrity…is something we all wish to achieive but at the same time it collides with independence. because we wish for both to agree/reconcile…there is a difference how you interpret/make meaning out of these 2 words


Damaged nerves…

..can be likened to a giant cable that have been cut through and demolished. Some cables get only slightly damaged but some get completly severed and cut through. Inside this cable are hundreds of coloured small cables, in the case of a human being millions of nerve ends. In the case of a trauma or some unexpected thing that happen the nerves get damaged and have to be puzzled back together. Depending on the severity of the damage, like in the case of the cable being severed, you have to assess what messures/treatment has to be applied. Also what expertise is needed. Sometimes it is possible to let it heal by itself, but in the case of nerves there is nearly always a permanent damage. The brain has registred the damage and stores it in our memory bank to always be remembered. Our brains have a way to store traumatic moments/events in our lifes more than when we get physically injured. If we have too much trauma/incidents in our life we can tend to develop a permanent condition/weakness/infirmity such as depression, anxiety even psychosis and other psychological sicknesses.

My point is that it is very difficult to repair damaged nerves and the damage is often more longlasting than any other damage that are somatic. And much more can be written about this to further expand on the subject of damaged nerves and its consequences!


Sometimes I feel that somehow moods are disconnected and superior to feelings! The mood I am in affect my feelings, the way I feel! If my mood is melancholy it kind of directs the way my feelings are. The mood is the sub current that you cannot see but rules my feelings on the surface. Feelings are just the symptom not the actual cause. The mood is so much deeper and more difficult to define.

In this moment my mood is very melancholy which affects my feelings either to be negative or positive, because for me melancholy sometimes give me good feelings but like now it is more depressive and black. This is because of some circumstanses in my life now.

The mood you are in is something that just come like the weather, seasons etc. I just have to accept it and do the best out of it. Surprisingly we are more subject and ruled by our moods, more than we think. A lot of times our moods scares us and causes deep depressions, psychosis and other psychological sicknesses, which often become life long. Psychic illness are almost impossible to cure, you just have to learn to live with it.