Does reality exist? To me it is more and more becoming an abstract word that means less and less! Define reality is subjective to me. I dont hold the explanation/definition to this word. I have only one in a billion definition. If I would claim that mine is the most objective, correct, best analysis etc, I could not be more wrong. So so many people today claim to be the one who knows. So whos reality is right, the poor beggar on the street trying to make a living but also trying to find reality and find a reason/meaning to his/her life..or is it the rich man flying around in his exclusive jet, drinking choice whisky, wearing  expensive watches and more and more. Or is it I the ordinary middle class person that have a comfortable life but is not poor and not wealthy rich? Or is it the IS fighting and killing people in the middle east or the munks fasting and shaving their heads not allowing themselfes any material possesions….or is it the dictators of saudi arabia with such wealth that they could eradicate poverty on the earth.

One stupid theory that they predicted was going to be reality was that let the richest become richer and they will through their increased wealth let some of their riches trickle down to the poor and thereby eradicate poverty. This reality experiment did not happen but what happened is that that the richer became richer!

So the conclusion is that there are 3 realties, we are born, we live and we die! regardless of nationality, wealth/poverty, continent, culture, religion….and more!

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